100+ Bull Terrier Names For Male And Female Puppies

Are you thinking of bringing home a Bull Terrier dog? Be informed that you will need a name for your new companion. We believe you landed on this page because you need a name for your Bull Terrier dog. 

Don’t worry; you’re on the right page as we have listed over 100 Bull Terrier names you will love. 

The Bull Terrier Dog Breed Profile.

The Bull Terrier is a muscular, strongly built, medium to a large-sized dog; It has a well-rounded body and a strong back. It is a breed of dog in the Terrier family.

The head of this dog breed makes it instantly recognizable; the head is long, strong and egg-shaped when viewed from the front.

The Bull Terrier was bred initially to take part in the sport of bull-baiting. Terriers were crossed with Bulldogs in the 18th century and became very popular. 

Combat between bulls and Bulldogs were very popular, and this type of fighting needed a more agile and robust dog that wasn’t available at that time.

Bulldogs were crossed with the old English Terrier and added Spanish pointer blood by breeders, resulting in the Bull. 

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A dog dealer called James Hinks in 1860 bred the white-coated variety.

The Bull Terrier has been used as a furious ratter, herder, and watchdog.

The Bull Terrier dog breed is active, fun-loving, and clownish. This a loyal and polite dog but can become fearless, aggressive and courageous to protect its owners.

The Bull Terrier requires consistent leadership with affection and proper training to make this a happy family pet. However, it can be too energetic for little kids but fond of grown-up children.

This dog breed requires exercise daily to stay active. They also need lots of structure, or they may become destructive. 

You need to start socializing them at the puppy age, or they can become highly aggressive with other dogs, pets or visitors as they grow old.

The Bull Terrier dog breed can be difficult to train; you need lots of patience. They are recommended for experienced owners.

If you’re looking for some of the best names for your male and female Bull Terrier puppy, this article is for you. Explore our list of over 200 good, male, female, and English Bull Terrier names.

Male Bull Terrier Names

Are you looking for the perfect name ideas for your male Bull Terrier? 

Finding the right can be challenging, so we listed some of the best male Bull Terrier dog names to make your search easy.

  1. Major – Inspired by a high-ranking officer in the Army. It also symbolizes power
  2. Duke – Means Royalty
  3. Max – Means Great
  4. Jester – A royal clown
  5. Hunter – A hunter
  6. King – Inspired by Highest ranking Monarch
  7. Milo – Spanish name meaning Favored
  8. Bandit – An Outlaw
  9. Kenny – A Gaelic name meaning Good looking
  10. Draco – A Greek work meaning Dragon
  11. Pasha – A Russian word meaning small and humble
  12. Einar – A Danish meaning of one who fights alone
  13. Fyodor – Russian meaning of powerful Ruler
  14. Jesse – Hebrew name meaning a gift
  15. Wolf – A wild canine
  16. Harry – An English meaning of Ruler of the home

Other male name ideas for your Bull Terriers are:

  1. Sheffield
  2. Maceo
  3. Jackson
  4. Alvin
  5. Sherman
  6. Wyatt
  7. Cooper
  8. Haywood
  9. Landon
  10. Hayden
  11. Kingston
  12. Grayson
  13. Elton
  14. Tucker
  15. Colton
  16. Bristol
  17. Clint
  18. Grover
  19. Lancaster
  20. Skip
  21. Brock
  22. Todd
  23. Simon
  24. Remington
  25. Howard
  26. Brinley
  27. Edgar
  28. Hart
  29. Stewart
  30. Graham
  31. Everett
  32. Edward
  33. Steven
  34. Woodrow
  35. Raylen
  36. Whitaker
  37. Tanner
  38. Clayton
  39. Preston
  40. Jasper
  41. Jack
  42. Corbin
  43. Trevor
  44. Oakley
  45. Radcliffe
  46. Franklin
  47. Lawson
  48. Hayes
  49. Davis
  50. Sutton

Female Bull Terrier Names

Did you adopt a female bull terrier and need a name? Here is a list of female Bull Terrier dog names you will love.

  1. Zara – A Russian name meaning Princess
  2. Luna – A word that means Moon in Italian
  3. Sparky – Animated or lively.
  4. Calla – A Greek word meaning beautiful
  5. Alva – An Hebrew word meaning brightness
  6. Dulce – A Spanish word that means sweet daughter
  7. Jinx – A type of magic charm
  8. Cheryl – A word in French meaning darling
  9. Trix – A pet version of Beatrice.
  10. Sada – Means pure on in Japanese
  11. Dior – A French word meaning Golden. This will be perfect for Bull Terrier with a fawn or gold coat.
  12. Kaya – A Greek word meaning Pure.

Let’s take a lot at some other female Bull Terrier Names.

  1. Diona
  2. Jenny
  3. Audrey
  4. Kimber
  5. Briar
  6. Willow
  7. Bayla
  8. Elvenia
  9. Lyla
  10. Udele
  11. Staci
  12. Nylah
  13. Suelyn
  14. Jadira
  15. Marlee
  16. Tayla
  17. Coralie
  18. Wren
  19. Wilfreda
  20. Luella
  21. Dana
  22. Edith
  23. Edwina
  24. Starla
  25. Elizabeth
  26. Aven
  27. Sydnee
  28. Wendy
  29. Jemma
  30. Kyndall
  31. Kourtney
  32. Jaida
  33. Harleen
  34. Laney
  35. Rubee
  36. Dawn
  37. Darlene
  38. Mei
  39. Tammy
  40. Haileigh
  41. Mildred
  42. Heather
  43. Perri
  44. Maryann
  45. Goldie
  46. Ashtyn
  47. Leatrice
  48. Waverly
  49. Primrose

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English Bull Terrier Names

The English Bull Terriers are bred in the United Kingdom by crossing the English Bulldog and White Terriers. 

They are often abbreviated to EBT or Bullie; they are sturdy, solid and loyal dogs. 

Did you adopt the English Bull Terrier and need a name? Explore our list for some name ideas for your pet.

  1. Ransom
  2. Alvin
  3. Dulce
  4. Farrin
  5. Ethan
  6. Pax
  7. Spark
  8. Lawson
  9. Brook
  10. Gemma
  11. Howard
  12. Elton
  13. Anna
  14. Colton
  15. Kingston
  16. Knoll
  17. Perri
  18. Maryjane
  19. Bourne
  20. Wendy
  21. Brian
  22. Silver
  23. Tanner
  24. Luella
  25. Kimber
  26. Clayton
  27. Woody
  28. Charlie
  29. Davis
  30. Grayson
  31. Langdon
  32. Sutton
  33. Jasper
  34. Graham
  35. Mutton
  36. Primrose
  37. Harleen
  38. Coraline
  39. Erin
  40. Nyla

Good Bull Terrier Names

bull terrier names, bull terrier dog names

Here is a list of good Bull Terrier names from which you can get inspiration and ideas.

  1. Hero
  2. Dev
  3. Stormie
  4. Comet
  5. Knoll
  6. Diamante
  7. Speedy
  8. Firey
  9. Power
  10. Stoney
  11. Bev
  12. Steele
  13. Vigor
  14. Free
  15. Slade
  16. Kipp
  17. Ash
  18. Spirit
  19. Rowdy
  20. Bourne
  21. Twilight
  22. Skye
  23. Champ
  24. Dart
  25. Arrow
  26. Ransom
  27. Shadow
  28. Flint
  29. Rusty
  30. Silvestra

Famous Bull Terrier Names

There are lots of popular Bull Terrier names. Movies, Novels, TV series, celebrities, and cartoons inspire the famous Bull Terrier dog names.

  1. Chico – The dog in the Movie Next Friday and Friday After Next.
  2. Jock – A companion dog of Percy Fitzpatrick.
  3. Willie – General Patton’s Bull Terrier dog
  4. Kiwi – A Bull Terrier dog breed but looked more like a Whippet.
  5. Baxter – From the movie Baxter.
  6. Brut – From the Novel Answers to Brut.
  7. Ronnie – A dog owned by Rick Springfield.
  8. Rufus – Rufus is the most awarded Bull Terrier dog in history.
  9. Blue – Owned by the Canadian Hockey Commentator Don Cherry.
  10. Bodger – is an old white Bull Terrier in the movie and novel The Incredible Journey.
  11. Diablo – It is owned by hip-hop artist Adil Omar
  12. Bullseye – From the movie Oliver
  13. Darla and Hoku – The dog named by Kirk Hammett of Metallica band
  14. Scud – A character from the film Toy Story.
  15. Lockjaw – The dog character in Sierra Pepper’s Adventures in Time
  16. Grimm – A character from the cartoon Mother Goose and Grimm
  17. Spuds Mackenzie – A fictional dog character used for advertising in Bud Light Beer in the 1980s
  18. Meatball – A white Bull Terrier in a TV series Baa Baa Black Sheep, owned by Major Gregory Boyinton. 
  19. Tugg – Is a famous dog that gained popularity after rescuers chronicled his recovery after they found him abandoned
  20. Sam – This dog accompanied its owner, Alby Mangels, on his world travels.

Unique Bull Terrier names

Do you want more name ideas? Explore our list of more unique names for your dog.

  1. Temperance
  2. Blessing
  3. Royal
  4. Mercer
  5. Autumn
  6. Prince
  7. Sterling
  8. Chesney
  9. Liberty
  10. Queena
  11. Courtland
  12. Duke
  13. Wisdom
  14. Bentley
  15. Justice
  16. Empress
  17. Mistic
  18. Whimsy
  19. Marigold
  20. Purity
  21. Mercy
  22. Lovella
  23. Allure
  24. Blakelee
  25. Carden
  26. Langleigh
  27. Journey
  28. Crystal
  29. Sapphire
  30. Ashby
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