240 Inspired Fishing Dog Names For 2022

Are you looking for the perfect name for your fishing companion but confused? Do you enjoy going on a fishing trip with your dog? Don’t worry; you’re in the right place, as this article has listed over 200 fishing dog names you can use.

We’ve all seen those heart-warming videos of dogs fishing with their human companions. It’s one of the many things dogs can do to bond with us and enjoy some quality time together.
If you’re looking for fishing names for dogs for your furry friend, we’ve got 240 inspiring options for you.

We’ve got you covered whether you want a name that reflects your dog’s fishing skills or just something cute and catchy. So check out our list and find the perfect name for your four-legged angler today! Happy fishing!

Fishing with a man’s best friend is fun and one of the best exercises for them. There are many reasons and benefits for taking your dog on a fishing trip.

My favorite fishing companion (The Labrador retriever), I call him Max, has never gotten bored or complained. It has always allowed me to fish without reprimand, has never wanted to leave a fishing trip early due to plans back home or boredom, has helped point out rising trout.

It seems that in recent times, thank goodness, many dog owners are becoming increasingly more conscious about the benefit of exercise for their pets. Going fishing serves as one advantage.

If you hunt, fish, or spend a lot of time around water, odds are you own a Portuguese Water Dog or a Labrador retriever; these dogs are great fishing partners. They are loyal, athletic and love water.

Here are some dogs who love to play in the water or swim

  • Labrador Retriever (Lab)
  • The Portuguese water dog
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Newfoundland
  • English Setter
  •  Poodle
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Irish Setter
  • American Water Spaniel
  • Vizsla and so on.

It is advisable to introduce your pup to trout and water at a young age so it can adapt to your weekend fishing tips. However, it is typical for some dog breed not to like water at first.

Finding a perfect name for your fishing canine companion can be a daunting task. So, to ease your stress, we have listed some offshore and fly fishing dog names. 

Also, you need to understand your pup’s appearance, behavior, characteristics and look to name a dog.

Top & Best Fishing Dog Names

Here is a list of top fishing dog names you can use.

  1. Strike
  2. Blade
  3. Rod
  4. Honey
  5. Angler
  6. Brook
  7. Dusky
  8. Dory
  9. Fisher (Fischer)
  10. Jewel
  11. Gator
  12. Natty
  13. Lindy
  14. Kota
  15. Hook
  16. Marina
  17. Jigs (Jiggler)
  18. Minni
  19. Lundy
  20. Pala
  21. Pfleuger
  22. Bait
  23. Reef
  24. Carolina
  25. Bucktail

Fishing Related Dog Names

Here is a list of dog names that are inspired by fishing.

  1. Spinner: It is inspired by a fishing technique known as Upstream casting
  2. Bouncing: Inspired by bottom bouncing Techniques
  3. Blade: A vital part of the spinnerbait and spinner
  4. Bobber: Used to suspend a hook with a bait in the water
  5. Jump: Inspired by the word Hole jumping
  6. Mat: Refers to vegetation that grows at the bottom of a stream or lake
  7. Hatch: Refers to Mimicking the color and size of fish used for bait, insects and more
  8. Honey: Inspired by the term honey hole, used for a productive fishing spot
  9. Rod: Pole used in catching fish
  10. Slaunch: A term used by popular bass fisherman Mark Zona. It is used to describe a large fish.

Male Fishing Dog Names

Here is a list of male fishing inspired dog names.

  1. Perch
  2. Ranger
  3. Trout
  4. Gator
  5. Hook
  6. Tadpole
  7. Turtle
  8. Anchor
  9. Tex
  10. Gill
  11. Angler
  12. Fin
  13. Bank
  14. Duckett
  15. Buzz
  16. Current
  17. Bass
  18. Sinker
  19. Reel
  20. Dock
  21. Tackle
  22. Shad
  23. Cast
  24. Trot
  25. Bull
  26. Lucky 


Female Fishing Inspired Dog Names

Are you looking to name your female companion but confused? Check out our list of fishing names for female dogs you will love.

  1. Cricket
  2. River
  3. Lure
  4. Brook
  5. Ocean
  6. Angel
  7. Jewel
  8. Wiggles
  9. Barb
  10. Spinner
  11. Jitterbug
  12. Guppy
  13. Tetra
  14. Lake
  15. Drift
  16. Carolina
  17. Annette
  18. Jig
  19. Velvet
  20. Sally
  21. Betta
  22. Swivel
  23. Creek

Fly Fishing Dog Names

Here is a list of fly fishing dog names you can use.

  1. Fly line: It is the type of fishing line used for fly fishing
  2. Cast: Used in fly fishing to catch a fish
  3. Reel: It is used for fly fishing.
  4. Rod: refers to a type of fishing pole used for fly fishing called fly rod
  5. Landing: A term used to reel in a fish
  6. Mending: A term that comes from the correct fly and lines floating in the water.
  7. Barb: A Backward facing sharp projection on a fly fishing hook.
  8. Arbor: The middle part of the fly reel.
  9. Strike: A term used for when a fish takes the fly bait.
  10. Ferrule: The collar where a section of the fly rod are joined
  11. Fry: The newly hatched baby fish from egg

Other fly fishing dog names are:

  1. Caddis
  2. Damselfly
  3. Dun
  4. Midge
  5. Drift
  6. Eddy
  7. Nymph
  8. Leader
  9. Redd
  10. Dogfish
  11. Rip
  12. Triton 
  13. Windy
  14. Ranger 

Offshore Fishing Dog Names

Offshore simply means situated at sea some distance from the shore. Fishes caught here are larger than those caught in freshwater. If you like offshore fishing, check out our list below for some offshore-related dog name ideas.

  1. Bunker: A compartment used for keeping fish or storing fuel
  2. Creel: A term that refers to the highest number of fish that a person is allowed to keep
  3. Bailey: A ring of metal that rotates around the fixed spool of spinning reel
  4. Chum: A method used to attract fishes
  5. Buzz: Comes from the word buzz bait which is made to churn up the water

Other offshore fishing dog names are:

  1. Narrows
  2. Spoon
  3. Trailer
  4. Slushy
  5. Crank
  6. Prairie
  7. Hook

River Fishing Dog Names

Here is a list of a river inspired fishing dog names

  1. Jig
  2. River 
  3. Blade
  4. Bobber
  5. Spinner
  6. Bug 
  7. Summer
  8. Zippy
  9. Bait
  10. Lunker
  11. Bamboo
  12. Biot 
  13. Dory
  14. Teardrop
  15. Nibbles
  16. Minnow
  17. Stren

Hunting and Fishing Names for Dogs

  1. Swivel: inspired by a piece of fishing equipment
  2. Shad: After the sport fish
  3. Creek: A popular place to fish
  4. Current: The current of a river.
  5. Carolina: After the term Carolina rig
  6. Warden: Inspired by the fish and game warden monitoring the water

Other hunting name ideas are:

  1. Duckett
  2. Crawler
  3. Minni
  4. Betta
  5. Twister
  6. Mako
  7. Vex
  8. Fillet
  9. Rainy
  10. Snapper
  11. Weir
  12. Blue
  13. Splash
  14. Brook
  15. Marina
  16. Zebco
  17. Gaff
  18. Kota
  19. Perch
  20. Buzz
  21. Fisher (Fischer)
  22. Sinker
  23. Yachtsy
  24. Cork
  25. Berkley
  26. Leader
  27. Marina
  28. Pala
  29. Keeper
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