Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix: A Complete Guide

The great Dane Bullmastiff Mix is dog breeds popularly known as Bull Daniffs. So, do not get confused if I use the two names interchangeably in the article. The great Dane bullmastiff is a product from crossing the Great Dane and English Mastiff dog breeds.

If you have been longing to have in-depth knowledge about Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix, I will unveil everything you need to know about this breed of dog. 

Odds are, if you’re considering a Great Dane Bullmastiff mix, you’re looking for a large, imposing dog that is both gentle and protective. And you’re in luck – this mix breed is known for being exactly that!

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Great Dane Bullmastiff mix, from personality to care and feeding. So read on to learn more about this wonderful crossbreed!

Let me start by telling you that Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix is not your average dog breed because they result from crossing two giant breeds of dogs. They have massive bodies and are only suitable for families with big compounds that can accommodate their huge bodies. 

Nevertheless, it remains the fact that Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix is an affectionate breed of dogs. 

Below is a table showing some characteristics of this giant dog breed.

Height 25-34 Inches
Lifespan 12-15 Years
Weight 105-200 Pounds
Color Fawn 
Suitable for: Spacious homes 
Active families 
Experience dog owners
Temperament Affectionate 

Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix is an affectionate dog and always displays exceptional love for their families. They will be friendly with strangers once they see you as their owner being cool with the stranger, making them ideal for family use. 

They have a funny look and are exceptionally playful, intelligent, and are easy to train. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix. 

How Much Does it Cost To Get A Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix Puppy? 

The price for getting a puppy varies based on premium pedigree and bloodlines. 

Nevertheless, the prices vary between $800 – $2000. Some factors determine the price of the Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix, such as lineage, companionship. 

Here Are Three Things You Should Know About Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix. 

If you want to own Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix, these are four things that are essential for you to know about this breed of dog. 

1. Bull Daniffs Can Weigh Over 150 Pounds. 

Before adopting this breed of dog as part of your family, bear in mind that they are from a huge breed of dogs and can weigh up to 150 pounds, which may not be suitable for those living in a small apartment. 

They have calm looks and are quiet dogs. Nevertheless, small rooms won’t be suitable for this breed of dog. 

2. Bull Daniffs Are Surprisingly Gentle.

This breed of dog is suitable for families that have kids because they have a gentle personalities. 

Often they get unexpectedly gentle. They only get wild if they are not properly socialized and trained.

3. Bull Daniffs Can Be Stubborn.

Yes! Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix is very loving and affectionate. Nevertheless, there are times when they might get stubborn unnecessarily, which may seem weird for first-time owners. 

4. Intelligent And Temperament

Before adopting a dog, I do consider their intelligence and temperament, which I’m sure you will also consider before owning a dog. 

Ordinary people wouldn’t want to own a dog that won’t be cool with family members and friends. 

It’s pretty hard to guess bull daniffs intelligence and temperament because they are crossbreed. 

Nevertheless, before we consider this thoroughly, let’s have a look at Great Dane and Bullmastiff

About The Bullmastiff & Great Dane

Bullmastiffs are reserved, calm, and intelligent dogs. They can easily detect strangers that pose a threat to the family and get wild at strangers who notice you are not relaxed. 

Nevertheless, as they get older, they become more calm and gentle. 

They have massive bodies, are very confident, and always love spending their whole time with their families. However, you have to be very confident to train these dogs, as they sometimes get stubborn. 

You have to subject them to early socialization to make them cool with strangers. 

Great Danes are also called gentle Giants because they are loved for their easy-going temperament. 

Great Danes can be protective over their home, nevertheless not in an aggressive manner. They are very calm. However, you will see the other side of their calmness if you push them too far. 

If we take a closer look at these two breeds of dogs, it’s clear that great daniffs are calm dogs and suitable for families. However, a confident leader is needed to train this breed of dogs well. 

Comparison Chart Between Great Dane And Bullmastiff

Stats Great Dane English Mastiff.
Height 30-32 inches 28-30 inches
Weight 140-175 pounds 120-230 pounds
Temperament Patient, friendly, affectionate, protective, and calm. Energetic, reserved.
Health Average Average
Lifespan 7-10 years 6-10 years

Related Questions About Bull Daniffs (Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix) 

Here is detailed information about all you need to know about Bull daniffs. 

Are Bull Daniffs Ideal For Families? 

Yes. Even though Bull Daniffs have a big size. They are very friendly and love being around children. 

They are always known to supervise children from a short distance and watch them play. Nevertheless, they are very overprotective of children, as they won’t allow any stranger to come near them. 

Does Bull Daniffs Get Along With Other Pets?  

Suppose the pets are appropriately introduced to Bull Daniffs; they will get along with the pet. They do not have strong prey drives, which is typical for all bullmastiff breeds. 

What Should I Know If I Own A Bull Daniff? 

Here are things you should know if you own a Bull Diff. 

1. Dietary Requirements And Food 

Great Dane Bullmastiff mix requires diets that are in fiber as they are prone to obesity and weight problems. 

I advise you to get foods that are of high quality and designed for large breeds. Ensure that their foods contain enough fiber. 

2. Exercise 

Great Dane Bullmastiff mix requires adequate exercise to stay active and as well prevent obesity and weight gain. You must subject them to at least two long walks a day. 

3. Training

Great Dane Bullmastiff mixes are confident dogs and will resist your command if you are not confident enough. 

While training them, endeavor to be gentle and calm enough so that they can obey you. 

4. Grooming 

You should brush your Great Dane Bullmastiff mix coat just once a week to reduce excess shedding, as they tend to shed a lot of coats. 

Would you mind using a curry comb to get rid of their dirt so that you may find it trapped within their coat? 

Furthermore, it should be noted that Great Dane Bullmastiff mixes are sensitive, which is why I will advise you not to bathe them too often. 

5. Health And Conditions 

It’s hard to tell if your Great Dane Bullmastiff mix puppy will encounter problems as they grow up. 

Nevertheless, one way to know is by checking the parent and the lineage before adopting the puppy as part of your family member. 

Also, other ways to know is by checking the likely health crisis Great Dane Bullmastiff mix encounters. Nevertheless, this does not suggest that your dog will have the same problem. 

These are the common health problems bullmastiffs inherit. 

  • Bloat
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Subaortic Stenosis
  • Chronic dry skin
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Entropion

These are the problems that Great Dane Bullmastiff mix encounter, so you shouldn’t find it surprising if your dog encounters any of these health crises. 

There are also other eye and skin problems as well as hypothyroidism your dog may encounter. These are severe problems, and your dog may not show any of its signs while they are still young. 

The Great Dane Bull Mastiff – female vs. male

It’s your personal decision either to choose a female or Male Great Dane Bullmastiff mix. 

Both males and females have similar characteristics. The only difference they have is their size, just as I explained above. 

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How big can a Great Dane Mastiff Mix get?

Great Dane Bullmastiffs mixes are a giant breed of dogs, and you should expect them to get huge, to as much as 190 pounds. 

Do Bullmastiffs bark a lot?

All dogs bark, as this is one of the major characteristics of a dog. 

Nevertheless, some dogs bark excessively; however, the Great Dane Bullmastiff mix is not one of those dogs. 

They are very calm, intelligent, and watchful. They are one of the non-barking dogs that were developed in the 19th century. 

How much does a Daniff cost?

The price for a Daniff varies. Nevertheless, you should expect to pay between $500-$1000 for a Diff. 

Are Great Dane Bullmastiff mix dangerous dogs?

Bullmastiffs are one of the calm and reversed Dogs. They were bred by humans and are descendants of wolves. 

They are loyal dogs and welcome strangers that don’t pose any threats to the family. 

Are Great Danes Easy to Train?

Great Danes can be easy to train if a confident owner trains them. 

They can get stubborn at times. They are terrific with children and can be very affectionate.

How long does a Daniff live?

Great Dane Bullmastiff mix lives up to 10-12 years. 

Which dog is bigger – Great Dane or Wolf?

The great Dane is bigger than wolves weigh and weighs four times as much as a wolf could weigh. 

Which dog is bigger than a Great Dane?

The Great Dane is a big dog. Nevertheless, wolfhounds are bigger than this breed of dog, as wolfhounds are the biggest dogs in the world. 

However, many will always prefer Great Dane to wolfhound due to their affectionate characteristics. 

Does the Bullmastiff attack intruders?

Bullmastiffs have a large and unique appearance. Nevertheless, the Bullmastiff will not attack an intruder if they aren’t too forward or don’t hold any weapon that could harm any family members. 

They are very loving and obedient to family members, especially if they are brought home as a puppy. 

Do Bullmastiffs bite?

Bullmastiffs aren’t known for their bites, regardless of their massive bodies. 

They can discourage Intruders from entering your home. Once they see an intruder, they will growl, bark, and get aggressive that the intruder is not welcome to her home. They will only tend to bite the intruder if they refuse to leave. 

Are Great Danes of high maintenance?

Great Danes are easy to please, and they are also called gentle Giants because they love people. 

Suppose we should compare great Danes with other breeds of dogs. You will discover great Dane is of low maintenance. 

Nevertheless, maximum attention to their diet, exercise, as these are things that will make them stay healthy. 

Can I leave my Great Dane alone?

Great Danes are only ideal for families who stay at home frequently. They can get aggressive if left unattended for a very long time, as they can become destructive if you do not attend to them frequently. 

Nevertheless, they only require little exercise to stay active. Great Danes are easy to train. They as well need early socialization to ensure they do not go wild at strangers. 

How much does a baby Great Dane cost?

The price for adopting a great Dane varies. Nevertheless, you should expect to get the puppy around $324-$350. 

Nevertheless, if you purchase from a reputable breeder, you should budget between $600-$3000 to get a Great Dane puppy. 

Can Daniffs Swim?

Diffs are not a breed of dogs that loves swimming. Nevertheless, if they have been trained to swim right from when they were small, they will be glad to do it with you. 

Why are Bullmastiffs banned?

Bullmastiffs are banned in many cities because many people believe Bullmastiff is a destructive dog. Nevertheless, this is just a stereotypical belief. 

Bullmastiffs would be loving and caring dogs if they were appropriately trained right from when they were young. 

Nevertheless, many irresponsible breeders breed this type of dog for aggressive purposes. 

Final Thoughts – Great Dane Bullmastiff Mix

Many think the Great Dane Bullmastiff mix is an aggressive dog due to its large size. Nevertheless, this is just a stereotypical belief. 

Great Dane Bullmastiff mixes are calm and affectionate dogs. They derive joy when playing with their family members. 

It’s also noteworthy to remember that this breed of dog is only suitable for families who have large compounds and stays home frequently, as they need maximum attention, to prevent them from getting aggressive.

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