My Success Story With Ezoic

The purpose of making this post is to share my success story with the Ezoic programmatic Ads network. All writeups here are my personal experience and opinion.

Website Case study: However, I sold this website due to a financial crisis, but I hope to get MCM to approve this website animalvee soonest.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic or Ezoic network is a certified Google partner and Google award-winning platform for publishers.

On March 15th, 2021, I was surfing the net on the best possible Ads network I could use. However, I was making use of Valueimpression Ads for monetization. I came across EZOIC.

I read many great reviews about Ezoic, which I applied for monetization for my pet site After 2-weeks of applying and migrating to my new host Cloudsway, I was finally approved.

Here is my personal experience with Ezoic using them for over 6-months.

Applying for Ezoic

As of March 2021, Ezoic requires your website needs to have at least 10,000 visits per month. This used to be the minimum requirement before your site could get monetized.

However, I have seen some sites get approved for monetization with less than 10,000 traffic. Your site must have good standings with Google before you can get approval and quality content.

Having good standing with Google or complaint with Google policies, your site must:

  • No invalid clicks/impressions
  • Not offering copyrighted material/downloads
  • Not offering counterfeit goods
  • Not falsely encouraging clicks
  • The site should have reliable traffic sources
  • Not creating empty pages with no original content
  • Not using content that is copied from other webpages
  • Not using automatically generated content
  • Not keyword stuffing
  • Not offering alcohol/tobacco / healthcare-related content
  • Not using aggressive/threatening content
  • Not using adult / dangerous / derogatory content
  • Not using illegal content

One thing I must say here is that you do not need approved Google Adsense to use Ezoic. However, there are lots of benefits when you already have an Adsense account. Linking your Adsense with Ezoic in your mediation app brings in a higher bid.

After integration with Ezoic, you will need to apply and get approved by Google Ad Exchange to work with Ezoic. Since Ezoic is a certified and premium Google partner, there’s a high chance you will get approved. It took me only 48 hours to get approval.

My Ezoic Level

Google hasn’t approved this site yet to work with Ezoic, but I’m still in level 2. I hope when I finally get approved in a few weeks, my level should have changed. Ezoic levels are results from your improved traffic and earnings.

Strategies Learned

Working with Ezoic ads, I have gained lots of strategies to increase earning, like limiting social media networks like Twitter. I discovered getting too much traffic from Twitter, or repeated visitors usually reduces my EMPV compared to traffic from Pinterest. 

Also, before application, I ensure my content is unique on my website and has some good organic traffic.


In my experience, the more you grow with Ezoic, the more your EPMV increases. However, many factors can affect Empv on a site, such as seasons, traffic source, and website Contents. From your Big data analysis, you can quickly figure out what’s affecting your EPMV.

Also, I discovered EMPV is always high in Q4 and Q2. Ezoic started recording my Revenue on April 4th, 2021 for me with an EMPV of $7, and by August, it was around $14.


As a blogger, one tool that I have loved and am grateful for is the introduction of LEAP. Before Leap, I had issues with passing core web vitals (user experience) and also speed for my website.

LEAP is a great tool introduced by Ezoic to help solve Speed optimization and User experience issues. I also passed my core web vitals, all thanks to LEAP.

Growth/Revenue success

Working with Ezoic is fun. My Revenue keeps growing month after month. However, because I was working on my site by publishing new articles and sharing them across social platforms, I discovered a drop in earnings in September and October because I put up the site for sale on motioninvest.

Here are pictures and proof of working with Ezoic in 2021

Few Tips

1. To earn well with Ezoic, endeavor to gain traffic from tier 1 countries.

2. In all social media platforms, make Pinterest your priority.

3. Publish more quality content.

4. Get good hosting. From my experience, Namecheap isn’t compatible with Ezoic.

Ezoic is looking for websites that publish consistent, high-quality content that provides good information for the readers. Currently, they do not work with e-commerce websites.

If you’re still thinking about the best Ads network to work with in 2022, Signup with Ezoic.

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