34 Papillon Mix Breeds: Pictures and Descriptions

Do you love Papillons? If so, you’ll love this list of Papillon Mix breeds! This blog post features 34 different Papillon Mix breeds, complete with pictures and descriptions.

Whether you’re looking for a new dog to add to your family or just want to learn more about Papillon Mixes, you’ll find everything you need in this post. So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Papillons are known for their long, silky coats and friendly temperament. They’re great family pets because they love being around people, especially children! Papillons can also protect those they care about, making them good guard dogs.

Papillons make wonderful pets or show dogs; they have a lot to offer any household! Papillons are also highly trainable and easy-going enough for new dog owners, and great with kids. Papillon Mix breeds include the Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle, Boston Terrier, etc.

If you’re looking for a Papillon Mix breed, there are plenty of great options. The breeds included in this post represent just a fraction of the Papillon Mixes out there, so take your time and do some research before making a decision about which Papillon Mixed breed is right for

34 Papillon Mix Breed Dogs

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Papillon mixes.

1. Papillon And Bichon Frise Mix

Papillons and Bichon Frises are both small dogs with long hair, so it makes sense to mix them together. These two breeds make an excellent choice if you’re looking for a family pet or a show dog. 

Papillons and Bichon Frises have wonderful personalities and make great pets, so this Papillon Bichon Mix will be no different! 

2. Papillon Cocker Spaniel Mix

Papillons are known for their long hair and friendly temperament, while cocker spaniels are well-known family dogs with a more laid-back personality. 

Papillon Cocker mixes will have the best of both worlds; they’ll be friendly and loving like Papillons but also have the easygoing nature of cocker spaniels. 

This mix is perfect for families with children who want a dog that loves to play and is always up for a good time! 

3. Papillon and American Eskimo mix

Papillons and American Eskimos are both toy breeds, so it’s no surprise they’re often mixed. These breeds have similar personalities; Papillon and American Eskimo mixes are friendly, playful, and always up for a good time. They make great family pets! 

4.Papillon and Brussels Griffon Mix

Papillon and Brussels Griffon Mixes are some of the most adorable dogs you will ever see. They are a mix of two very different dog breeds, but they somehow manage to make an amazing combination.

These mixes can have various personalities since they inherit traits from both Papillons and Brussels Griffons. Some Papillon and Brussels Griffon Mixes are very active and energetic, while others are calmer.

Papillons tend to be very friendly dogs that love their families. They like to be around people as much as possible, so they make wonderful family pets. Papillons will get along well with children of all ages if properly socialized.

Brussels Griffons are also very friendly dogs, but they can be a little more independent than Papillons. They love to play and have a lot of energy, so they may be better suited for families with older children who can keep up with them.

5. Papillon and Boston Terrier Mix

The Papillon Boston Terrier Mix is a designer dog that is becoming more popular every day. This mix results from breeding the two purebred dogs, the Papillon and Boston Terrier. The Papillon has been around for centuries and was originally bred in France as a small hunting spaniel. The Boston Terrier originated in the United States in the late 1800s and bred a Bulldog and terrier.

The Papillon Boston Terrier mix makes an excellent family dog and is friendly and loyal to its owner. This lively little dog that has been known to live up to 12 years enjoys being with people. The Boston-Papillon crossbreed will get along well with children and other dogs. 

They make good watchdogs and enjoy being in the company of humans.

The Papillon Boston Terrier mix is a small breed that weighs between 15 to 25 pounds at maturity. It has long legs and an athletic build with a short muzzle and large eyes that are oval-shaped or almond-shaped, depending on the breed of Papillon parent. The coat can be short or long and is usually black, white, fawn, brindle, or a combination thereof.

6. Papillon and American Rat Terrier mix

Papillon and American Rat Terrier are both small dogs. They are also both considered toy breeds. The Papillon is a French breed first recognized in the early 1900s. The Rat Terrier is an American breed developed from several different terrier breeds.

Papillons and Rat Terriers mix are great because they share some of the same personality traits. They are both active dogs that love to play. 

They are also both intelligent and easy to train. A Papillon Rat Terrier mix will make a great addition to any family. They are small enough to accommodate them in almost any home, but they are still big enough to provide plenty of companionship and amusement.

7. Papillon and Yorkshire Terrier mix 

Papillon and Yorkshire Terrier mix is a great choice for people who are looking for a small dog. These dogs are very friendly and love to be around people. They also make great pets for families with children. 

Yorkies and Papillons are both very active breeds, so they need plenty of exercises. They are also known to be quite vocal, so you’ll definitely know when your dog wants something!

Papillons are known for their beautiful coats, coming in many different colors and patterns. They’re usually white with patches of other colors like black or brown. Their long coats make them look larger than they really are since their bodies aren’t as wide as some dogs’ bodies would be if they had the same coat length. 

On the other hand, Yorkies have a very short and sleek coat that is usually black and tan.

Both breeds are intelligent and easy to train. They love spending time with their family, so they’re perfect for people who are looking for a loving pet. If you’re considering getting a Papillon and Yorkshire Terrier mix, make sure you take care of them properly!

8. Papillon Cavalier King Charles Mix

Papillon Cavalier King Charles Mix, also known as the Cava-lon, is a small and sweet mixed dog breed. They are very affectionate companion who loves to be with their people. Although they can have an independent streak, this little charmer is no lap dog – they enjoy playing fetch or learning tricks to please his family.

There are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel varieties: the English and American. The English variety is a mixture of both breeds; it has been bred for its distinctive looks, coat type, and size.

9. Papillon Australian shepherd mix

Papillon Australian shepherd mix is a beautiful dog like all dogs.

They come in different shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure, they all have a personality that will steal your heart. Australian shepherds are loyal and protective dogs that make great family pets. When you mix the two, you get a dog with all the best qualities of both breeds.

Papillon Australian shepherd mixes are medium-sized dogs with a gentle nature. They can be very calm when they want to but are also ready for action at any given moment. 

Papillon Australian shepherd mixes have long hair and come in many colors, including black, white, red, brown, or even blue eyes! These beautiful pups love nothing more than running around outside playing fetch and chasing balls.

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10. Papillon And Beagle Mix

Papillon Beagle mixes are a popular dog breed. They are known for being friendly, intelligent, and playful. They make great pets for families with children.

Papillon Beagle mixes require plenty of exercises. They need at least one hour of exercise per day. If they do not get enough exercise, they can become restless and destructive.

Papillon Beagle mixes are easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques.

Papillon Beagle mixes typically have a lifespan of 12-15 years. They require regular veterinary care, including vaccinations, routine checkups, and preventive medications.

11. Papillon And Cairn Terrier Mix

Papillon Cairn Terrier Mix is a small dog known for its intelligence, energy, and playful personality. Papillon Cairn Terrier Mix is great with children and other pets, making it a perfect family pet. 

This mix breed has an average life expectancy of 12-14 years. Papillon Cairn Terrier Mixes can be very active and require plenty of exercises.

Papillon Cairn Terrier Mixes are usually healthy dogs, but sometimes they can develop health problems like hip dysplasia, eye disorders, and hypothyroidism. These dogs are prone to obesity, so you need to watch out for their diet and exercise routine.

12. Papillon Chihuahua Mix

Papillon Chihuahua mix is a tiny dog mixed breed with an adorable little face and the friendliest personality.

This mix looks like a mini version of the Border Collie, only they have more energy than that breed. They are loyal to their family and playful around children. As long as you give him enough exercise every day, they’ll be a happy camper.

Of course, they are also happy to curl up on your lap and give you kisses all day long if that’s what it takes for them to get attention from their favorite human!

The Papillon Chihuahua mix is one of America’s most popular designer dogs. 

13. Papillon Dachshund Mix

Papillon Dachshund Mix is a small but sturdy dog known for its long, low body and short legs. They are often referred to as “sausage dog.” 

Papillon Dachshund Mixes come in a variety of colors, including black, tan, white, and beige. They have an expressive faces with large eyes and pointy ears.

14. Papillon and Chinese Crested

Papillon and Chinese Crested mixes are great for people on the go. They love to spend time with their owners, and they get along well with other dogs and humans. 

They can be very protective of their own space, but they’re not aggressive towards others. Papillon mixed breed is a cross between two purebred dog breeds: the Chinese Crested (from China) and the Papillon (from France). 

The Chinese Crested is a small, energetic dog with long hair that can be curly or straight. It’s known for being affectionate and playful. While not as popular today, it was once used as a companion animal in Europe during medieval times when people would dress up their dogs to look like humans. 

The Papillon is a small dog with short legs and long hair, similar to the Poodle or Chihuahua breeds. They’re known for being friendly and loving towards their owners while having an independent streak when left alone too often.

15. Papillon And English Toy Spaniel Mix

Papillon and English toy Spaniel mixes are undoubtedly one of the most unique-looking mixes you’ll ever see. Even though both parent breeds are small and have similar temperaments, it can be challenging to tell whether their mix pup is more Papillon or English toy Spaniel.

16. Papillon and Poodle Mix

Papillon and Poodle mixes are small mixed breed dogs with big personalities. They are also known as Pappipoo, Papipoo, Papi Poo, Poodlepapillon, and Paperdoodle Dog. 

These pups are a cross between the small but mighty Toy or Miniature Poodles and the tiny yet bold Papillons. They can be bred with a Toy or Mini Poodle and are usually fairly small dogs. 

Their coat is often curly, wavy, or straight and comes in many colors: brown, apricot, and black. These pups have pointy, erect ears like the Papillon parent breed but may also have floppy ears if they take after their Poodle parent. 

These mixed breed dogs tend to be very active, friendly, and intelligent like their parents. They make great family pets but can also do well in a single pet household!

17. Papillon And Shih Tzu Mix

Papillon and Shih Tzu mixes have a lot of similarities with their parent breeds, Papillons and Shih Tzus.

They are small dogs that can weigh anywhere between five to 20 pounds at full maturity. Their size is one of the reasons why they’re ideal for apartment living – or any cramped space, for that matter. 

These little guys won’t take up a lot of room, and they’re pretty easy to care for.

Papillon and Shih Tzu mixes are also known for being friendly, social dogs that love to be around people. They make great pets for families with children since they’re so tolerant and patient.

18. Papillon And Shiba Inu Mix

Papillon and Shiba Inu mixes are some of the most popular mixed breeds. They are often called “Papshiba Inus” or “Papi-Inu” and are known for being friendly, intelligent, and alert dogs. They can make great family pets, but they require a lot of exercises. 

If you’re looking for a playful dog that is good with kids, a Papillon/Shiba Inu mix could be right up your alley.

19. Papillon and Pug Mix

Papillon and Pug mix result from breeding a purebred Papillon with a purebred pug. They are known by some other names as well, one of which is “Pugillon.”

The appearance of these dogs can vary from that of their parents and between each pup in the litter. Sometimes they look more like Pugs than Papillons, while other times, they look more like Papillons than Pugs. 

They can have the wrinkled skin of a Pug, the long ears of a Papillon, and the short muzzle of either breed.

Their personality is also a mix of both breeds. They are usually friendly and make good family pets but can also be independent and stubborn at times.

These dogs need plenty of exercise every day, so if you are planning on getting one, make sure that they will get enough playtime with your family members or other pets in the household. They can live up to 12 years old when properly cared for.

20. Papillon And Pomeranian Mix

Papillon and Pomeranian mixes are a popular dog breed. They are often called “Pap Pom” or “Paperanian” mixes. These dogs are bred from two purebred parents, and they typically have the best qualities of both breeds.

Papillon and Pomeranian mix puppies are usually very small when they are born, but they grow quickly. They can weigh up to fifteen pounds, so they are much larger than most purebred dogs. Most people think of the Papillon breed when they hear “papillion” or “paperanian.”

Papillon and Pomeranian mix puppies will often look like their parents, but they have some differences. For example, a puppy might be black with white markings or a completely white coat. They can also have different colors in their eyes, such as blue, green, or brown.

Papillon and Pomeranian mix puppies are very friendly and make great family pets. They are good with children and other animals. 

21. Papillon and Maltese mix

Papillon Maltese mix is the best companion you can ever have. they have a very sweet personality and will always be happy to cuddle with their humans. 

If you are looking for a dog that loves children, then this breed might just be right up your alley! The only downside of owning one of these dogs is their tendency towards barking, but you can easily overcome it with proper training. Overall, the Papillon Maltese mix is a great choice for anyone looking for a loyal and loving companion!

22. Papillon And Italian Greyhound Mix

Papillon and Italian Greyhound mix is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Papillon and Italian Greyhound breeds. Compact, elegant, and intelligent, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. 

The IG, or Iggy for short (also known as Piccolo Levriero Italiano), has a rich background in the Italian Peninsula and is one of the oldest breeds. Paps were developed as companion dogs during medieval times in France, which is where their name comes from.

The Papillon and Italian Greyhound mix can also be called an Italillon, Italian Papihound, or Papigreyhound. 

23. Papillon And Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The Papillon Jack Russell Terrier mix is a small-sized dog resulting from the cross between two purebreds, the Papillon and the Jack Russell Terrier. 

This hybrid dog inherits features of both its parents in terms of looks and temperament. The resulting breed can be a very good companion for active people and have a lot of time to spend with their dogs.

Papillon Jack Russell Terrier Mix dog breed is small in size. It has large ears, big eyes, and a short muzzle which gives them an intelligent look. 

Their body shape resembles the Papillon’s while they usually inherit the coat color from both parents.

24. Papillon And Havanese Mix

The Papillon and Havanese mix is a beautiful dog that is sure to turn heads. This crossbreed has the best of both worlds with its adorable features and sweet personality. 

If you are looking for a great family pet, this is the perfect dog for you. Papillon and Havanese mix dogs are very intelligent and do well in obedience training. They are also good at tricks such as sitting, staying, fetching balls, or toys.

They love playing with children, so they’re great around kids too! These dogs like company and attention from their human companions, making them ideal pets if you have a busy lifestyle. 

25. Papillon and French Bulldog Mix

Papillon is a small, friendly, and lively dog breed with butterfly-like ears. It has an excellent sense of hearing and vision. The French bulldog has the same characteristics as Papillon but is larger in size. 

They both have long coats that cover their eyes from sunlight or other bright light sources such as street lights at night. These dogs make a great mix because they have similar personality traits, and the French bulldog’s size is perfect for families that want a small dog but don’t want to sacrifice the breed’s personality. 

Papillon and French Bulldog Mixes are also very intelligent, making training them easy.

26. Papillon And Japanese Chin Mix

Papillon and Japanese Chin Mixes are popular choices for dog owners because they are both small breeds that don’t require a lot of exercises. They also have very different personalities, so you can enjoy the company of a playful pup and a calm companion.

The Papillon and Japanese Chin Mix is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good breed with children. They are both known for being gentle and patient with kids. However, you will still need to supervise interactions between your children and your dog to ensure everyone’s safety.

When choosing a Papillon or Japanese Chin Mix, one thing to remember is that they can be prone to separation anxiety. So if you’re leaving them alone for long periods, consider getting another dog or cat to help keep them company when you’re gone.

As a Papillon and Japanese Chin Mix owner, you’ll need to pay close attention to your pet’s grooming needs since both breeds have fine hair that requires regular brushing to prevent matting from occurring.

27. Papillon And Westie Mix

The Papillon and Westie mix is a popular crossbreed known for its beauty and temperament. The Papillon is a small, spaniel-like dog with a long tail and large ears. The Westie is a sturdy, white terrier originally bred to hunt badgers in Scotland. 

When these two breeds are crossed, the result is a lively and affectionate dog.

The Papillon and Westie mix is also known for its intelligence and obedience. This crossbreed is ideal for families with children, as it is playful and gentle. It can also be a good watchdog, as it is alert and quick to bark at strangers.

28. Papillon and Pekingese Mix

Papillon and Pekingese mix is a popular crossbreed. These dogs are known for their intelligence, agility, and outgoing personalities. They make great pets for families with children and other animals.

Papillon and Pekingese mix puppies are born with soft fur that eventually grows into the long, thick coat common to both breeds. They are energetic and playful puppies but grow up quickly into calm, relaxed adults. 

Their coats do not shed much, so they require little maintenance other than regular brushing once every few weeks or months, depending on how often your pup gets dirty!

Papillon Pekingese mix is an ideal companion for those who love dogs but don’t want to deal with the hassle of growing up a puppy. They can be trusted around children and other animals, making them great family pets!

29. Papillon And Husky Mix.

Papillon and Husky mix or Papillsky, or Papshund, is a designer dog breed resulting from crossbreeding between a purebred Papillon and a purebred Siberian Husky.

Papillon and Husky mixes are extremely rare; however, it is possible to obtain one if you go about it the right way. Listed below are some things to know if you want a Papillon and Husky mix:

  • Papillons and Huskies can be aggressive toward other pets in your home, such as cats or dogs. If you have pets, it is suggested that they be introduced very slowly.
  • Papillon and Husky mixes are extremely intelligent but may become escape artists if not properly trained. Crate training may be needed for this breed due to their high intelligence level and tendency to wander away from home.
  • If you’re looking for a great family dog, this may not be the best breed for you. They are very attached to their owners but become mischievous if bored.
  • Papillon and Husky mixes love attention; just don’t expect to get much of it back while in public. This breed will want all of your attention when in public.
  • Papillon and Huskies have a high prey drive; even if raised with cats or small dogs, they may still try to chase them. It is recommended that you keep your Papillon and Husky mix on a leash when outside for their safety as well as others.
  • Papillon and Huskies are a very healthy breed, but there are a few health concerns to be aware of. First, they may inherit papillon/husky mix hip dysplasia from either parent. In addition, they can develop cancer and tracheal collapse as the dog ages.

30. Papillon And Corgi Mix

Papillon and Corgi mix dogs are dogs that have been bred from a Corgi and a Papillon. They are often very intelligent dogs, making them hard to train or manage. However, they do not require extensive care and grooming.

Corgi’s come in two variations: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the smallest and has a smaller and more muscular body than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 

It comes in various colors: red, sable, fawn, black and tan, and Tri-coloured (black, tan, and white). It also comes in various patterns, including roan and white markings. The overall look is a small dog with a long body, short legs, and a fox-like face. 

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a more diverse color palette than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi as it comes in blues, browns, reds, speckled, and tri-colored. It has a more powerful body than the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, with a mane of fur around its neck that can be trimmed to create many different styles.

The Papillon comes in various colors, including black, white, or red markings on a solid background or sable markings on a solid background. It has large, erect ears and a fox-like face.

Papillon and Corgi mixes will have a similar appearance to their parents’ breeds. Although, they may take on the traits of one parent more than the other.

These dogs will be small but powerful, with long bodies and short legs. They will have a fox-like face and erect ears, just like a Corgi. However, they may also be energetic and playful, like a Papillon.

These dogs are intelligent and may require extensive training to reduce their willfulness. They can be difficult to housebreak as they have very small bladders but are likely to be quick learners with positive reinforcement. 

31. Papillon And German Shepherd Mix

Papillon German Shepherd Mixes are lively and intelligent dogs. These mixes are quick learners, so training should be gentle but firm. They have the great concentration for activities such as fly-ball or agility.

The best time to train a Papillon German Shepherd Mix is during their puppyhood to prevent bad habits from occurring later in life. This breed learns quickly when they’re young and will respond to positive training techniques.

Papillon German Shepherd Mix can be friendly towards their family but might have a tendency not to listen to strangers. This breed needs at least an hour of exercise daily to stay happy and healthy.

The best way for this mixed breed to get the necessary exercise is by taking them for a walk. Walks will help eliminate pent-up energy and offer mental stimulation by smelling different scents throughout the neighborhood.

Papillon German Shepherd Mix’s have very sensitive stomachs, so they should only eat high-quality food. They also tend to drool when excited or tired.

32. Papillon and Labrador Mix

Papillon Labrador mixes are very common. The Papillon is a toy breed of dog originating in France. They are often called “butterfly dogs” because their ears look like butterfly wings.

They are known for their long lifespan- on average, they live 13 to 15 years, but some have lived longer than 20 years.

The Labrador is one of the most common dog breeds in the United States. They are often used as assistance dogs, therapy workers, and service dogs.

A Papillon and a Labrador mix is an affectionate, cuddly pet that loves its owners’ attention.

33. Papillon and Border Collie mix

Papillon Border Collie mixes are often mistaken for purebred Papillons because of their appearance. These dogs are great family pets and are considered loving, affectionate, loyal, cheerful, smart, spirited animals when well-trained. 

They are usually between 12 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh approximately 10 to 15 pounds in adulthood.

While these dogs may not be purebred, they can still make excellent family pets. The only known health problems are Eye Problems, which are more common in smaller Papillon Border Collie mixes.

34. Papillon And Blue Heeler Mix

Papillon Heeler dogs are the result of crossing the purebred Blue Heeler with a Papillon. Both the Papillon and the Blue Heeler are considered petite breeds of dogs, which is why you can expect a small dog from their offspring.

The blue heeler originates from Australia and has been used to herding cattle and various farm animals. They have high stamina and are very active.

The Papillon is a tiny breed of dog that originated in France and has been used as a companion dog for many years. They are friendly with people and animals alike, intelligent, sweet-tempered, gentle, easy to train, and very affectionate.

Papillon and Blue Heeler mixes are a new, popular breed of dog. They’re quickly growing in population and becoming more widely known. More and more people are crossing the two breeds and selling them as “designer dogs.” 

These mixes have become so popular that there’s now a Papillon Heeler Club of America dedicated to raising awareness about the mix breed.

In the past, the two breeds of dogs were completely separate and unrelated. However, as Papillon Blue Heeler mixes become more popular, seeing how many more breeders start crossing them together will be interesting.

Papillon and Blue Heeler mixes have a lot going for them – they’re smart, loyal, and a joy to be around. They also have a ton of energy and can easily get into mischief if left alone for too long.

Conclusion: Papillon Mix Breeds

Papillon Mixes are often bred to produce a dog with the appearance of both breeds. The mix can be confusing, but these dogs have personalities and characteristics that make them unique. They may not always look like what you think they would, so it’s important to understand how each breed differs before purchasing one as your new pet!

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