Is It Right To Shave Your Australian Shepherd Dog?

Can you shave Australian Shepherd dogs? Unlike the Australian Shepherd breeds, some dog breed coats are not designed to help them survive in any sort of weather or climate and can be shaved at any time. However, before shaving an Australian Shepherd, some people prefer to trim the dog’s coat with clippers first to avoid dealing with hair getting everywhere.

Shaving an Australian Shepherd is a common practice for many owners. But is it a good idea? Can you shave Australian Shepherd dogs?

No. We do not recommend shaving or removing the coat of the Australian Shepherd, especially those with double coats. Most Australian Shepherds have what is called a “double coat” – this consists of an undercoat and an outer coat. 

The entire purpose of this double coat is to protect against the harsh elements that Aussies experience in their natural environment and provide comfort from both heat and cold. 

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Shaving your Australian Shepherd will essentially ruin the effectiveness of their single most important tool in staying comfortable throughout the seasons – their beautiful, weatherproofed coats!

If you own an Australian Shepherd, it’s probably safe to say that you love this breed.

There are many reasons people love the Aussie, but one of the biggest is their beautiful coat!

The standard for an Australian Shepherd coat is a medium-length double coat made up of at least three distinct layers: a short, straight outer coat, a thick undercoat, and a soft topcoat that lies closest to the skin. 

The Aussie’s hair should be soft and dense all over with some feathering around the ears, back of legs/pasterns, feet, or tail tip. 

They have “bangs,” called sickle feathers by breeders, that lie down on either side of the foreface when in a relaxed position.

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Many Aussies do not meet the breed standard and have a shorter hair length, but they still fit the breed standard of having a double coat and three layers. 

Since their hair is naturally designed to protect them from the harsh Australian sun, you should never shave your dog unless they need medical treatment for some reason

Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Should not Shave Australian Shepherd Dogs

Here are why we do not recommend you to shave your Australian Shepherd except maybe for medical reasons or underlying health conditions.

1) Hair acts as insulation against heat and cold  

When our furry friends get too hot or too cold, their bodies can’t regulate themselves properly, and this can lead to health problems such as dehydration, fatigue, or even seizures – especially in young puppies. 

You may think shaving your puppy will keep them cool during summer days, but it’s actually more effective to use a fan if you want to keep them cool. 

Using cooler water when bathing your dog will also help, and because their coats provide insulation, shaving your dog could put them at risk of getting even colder during the wintertime!

2) Shaving disrupts the natural shedding process

When dogs shed their coat, it consists of longer guard hairs and shorter undercoat hairs. Guard hairs are the top layer that acts as protection from dirt, debris, and UV rays. Undercoat hairs are softer than guard hairs and trap air to provide warmth.

When you shave a double-coated breed, you remove both layers of hair – even though only one is meant for protection from the sun – causing your pooch to be unprotected from harsh weather conditions. They will need to re-grow their protective coat, which can take several months!

3) Shaving increases the risk of sunburn

Sunburn is a serious condition that happens when dogs have exposed skin for too long under direct sunlight – just like with human burn victims; it causes redness and blistering to appear on the skin. If you shave your dog in summer, they may be more prone to developing this painful condition!

4) Shaving increases the risk of sun-related health problems. 

According to Dr. Justine Lee, veterinary specialist and author of Pet Allergies: Remedies for an Epidemic, many healthy dogs develop allergies and sensitivities after being shaved. 

This is because when you shave the coat of a double-coated breed, it disturbs the natural oils and sebaceous glands, causing dogs to become more susceptible to sunburn and hot spots (a type of bacterial skin infection).

5) A “smooth” or shaved dog is more likely to pick up burrs and foxtails

Shaving your dog will not prevent them from picking up burrs, foxtails, or stickers because these are much smaller than bristles on your dog’s hair. Not only can this irritate the skin, but many dogs have had their intestines punctured after ingesting these sharp objects!

6. Shaving is Not Good for Their Skin

Australian Shepherds will naturally start to shed their undercoat during periods of heat and mosquito or other insect bites. During these times, shaving off the undercoat will make your Aussie’s outer coat thinner and more prone to sunburn.

Australian Shepherds are bred with fur that can easily withstand the elements; it works as an ideal coat for the outdoors. The fur actually helps to protect your Australian Shepherd from sunburn and insects. So, shaving off that fur will leave them more susceptible to skin damage by the sun and pests.

7. It Doesn’t Help With Fleas or Ticks

If you think shaving will help with your Australian Shepherd’s flea problem, then think again. Even with a complete shave-down, a dog can still have a few stray fleas that may appear over time. 

Those pesky insects can hang out in their fur for days before jumping off, so shaving only makes your dog feel better for a short time.

Ticks are not affected by the length of fur, so no matter how much you shave, if ticks hang around, they may still latch onto your pet’s skin and take hold. That means more frequent brushing to remove these parasites, which will irritate your Aussie.

8. Shaving Is Not Natural

Domestic dogs have lost their way over the years thanks to human interference, but that doesn’t mean we should keep them in an unnatural state just to satisfy our own needs! Dogs were bred to be furry creatures with an adaptive lifestyle – meaning they can live outside in all sorts of conditions without causing harm to them or others (including other wild animals).

When we shave our dogs, we take away their natural coat and protection – meaning they must rely on humans for all sorts of help. This is just one reason why you shouldn’t ever shave your Australian Shepherd!

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How Often Should I Groom My Australian Shepherd?

An Australian shepherd requires daily brushing since its double coat consists of long straight hairs and short fine fibers that tend to knot up. If left ungroomed, mats may form in the dog’s fur, leading to discomfort and pain for it. For this reason, an Australian shepherd should be groomed by a professional at least once every week to prevent their coats from becoming matted. 

How to stop or reduce shedding in Australian Shepherd

No matter how you love your pet, seeing furs always hugging on your clothes or furniture can cause some discomfort. Brushing, bathing, and well-balanced diets can help reduce shedding in Australian Shepherds.

Shedding in Australian Shepherds can be problematic for some owners, especially in the winter when shedding occurs at its highest. Shedding is a natural process that Australian Shepherds go through to replace old or damaged hair with new fur. 

Australian shepherds are medium-shedders which means they shed an average amount throughout the winter and summer months, and then their shedding levels will decrease during the spring. Australian Shepherds are one of several breeds that can have shedding throughout their life, where they will go through three to five periods of heavy shedding.

Owners often seek new ways to stop or reduce shedding in their pets. While there is no way to eliminate shedding completely, there are some steps that Breeders or owners can take to reduce the amount of hair released by their pets daily.

Australian shepherds are known for their shedding hair, which can be a problem owners face when living with these cute dogs. Here are some ways to reduce shedding in your pet.

1. Brushing

Brushing Australian shepherds regularly can go a long way toward stopping or reducing the amount of shedding experience. Every dog should be brushed at least twice a week to reduce the amount of shedding.

Owners who brush their pets’ coats daily can experience up to 90 percent less shedding than Australian shepherd owners who only brush their dogs once a month. 

Owners should brush Australian shepherds’ coats in the direction that the hair grows to reduce the amount of shedding, and they should use a brush designed for these breeds.

2. Bathing Australian shepherd 

Owners can bathe their pets up to once every two weeks to reduce the amount of shedding experience. Australian shepherd owners should only use dog shampoos that are meant to minimize shedding while bathing their pets. 

Australian shepherd owners should pat dry with towels after bathing, rather than rubbing the Australian shepherds’ coats with a towel, which can irritate Australian shepherd skin.

3. Feeding. 

Excessive shedding can be a result of poor nutrition. Australian shepherd owners should make sure to feed their pets nutritionally dense foods in order to reduce the shedding Australian shepherd’s experiences. 

Owners should choose dog food made of meat as the first ingredient over dog food made of byproducts.

A nutrient-rich and well-balanced diet leads to stronger hair follicles and helps in reducing shedding in dogs. Owners who include fish oil and coconut oil supplements in their Australian shepherds’ diets can reduce shedding too.

Australian shepherd coats tend to feel thick and heavy during winter months, which can cause your pet to shed more than usual. Owners who notice their pet shedding more during certain months of the year can help them by brushing their coats daily and bathing them less frequently

Can you give an Australian shepherd a haircut?

Australian shepherds are medium-sized dogs with typically black, merle, black, and red coats. They need to be regularly brushed to maintain their coat quality. 

Pet owners might trim the hair around their feet and legs so that hair doesn’t get all over the house! One thing owners can cut out is the Mat if your dog’s hair is tangled.

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