Why Does My Dog Lay His Head On Me (10 Reasons)

Before researching and writing this article, I have always asked myself, “Why does my dog lay his head on me?” Well, if you’re also interested to know why, this article is for you.

Dogs are very affectionate animals, and many will demonstrate their love through physical contact. One of the most common ways dogs show affection towards owners is by laying their heads on their lap or chest. 

This behavior can be seen frequently in dog shows, where a particularly good-natured pup might just flop over into its owner’s arms for a cuddle.

10 reasons why Your dog lay his head on You

So, Why Does My Dog Lay His Head On Me? Dogs are known for being friendly, loyal animals. But there’s a bit more to it than that. Here are 10 reasons every dog owner should feel good about their pup resting their head on them while watching television or sharing a casual moment.

1. Your Dog is trying to tell you he trusts you

When dogs are scared or afraid, they will try to get as far away from whatever is scaring them as possible without leaving the area completely. 

However, when your dog puts his head down on your lap, he is doing it because he trusts you and considers you safe. This shows how much he loves and respects you in return!

2. It means they like making eye contact with you

Dogs make very clear signs when they are mad or upset about something through their body language. But dogs ONLY make eye contact with the people, animals, or objects they like. 

When your dog rests his head on you while looking you in the eyes, it means he really enjoys being around you!

3. It’s a sign of respect

Dogs will put their heads down to show submission to another animal or person who is stronger than them.

When your dog puts his head down on you while meeting or playing with other people or pets, it means that he respects YOU! Because YOU are strong enough to win any fights, your dog decides to have. He/she trust YOU more than anyone else!

4. Because they appreciate everything you’ve done for them

When your dog puts his head on you, he tells you that he appreciates everything you’ve done and continues to do for him. He’s thanking YOU for being there when no one else was! He loves YOU more than anything in the world!

5. They see you as their parent

Dogs are very smart animals, but they lack the same emotional intelligence that humans have. They know that humans are the ones who feed them, take care of them, and protect them from danger or harm. When your dog rests his head on your lap while looking up at you, it means they love seeing you in a parental role. 

It makes them feel safe and secure knowing someone is always there to guide them along the way!

6. It means they are being submissive to you

When your dog puts his head down on you, he shows that he trusts and respects YOU more than anyone else. Because you’re strong enough to win any fights your dog may have, guide him, or stand up to danger for him, he knows that it’s safe being submissive to YOU! 

It’s not only important for dogs to feel comfortable with their social status in the pack, but it makes them feel special knowing they can look up to someone so much bigger than themselves!

7. They need some attention!

Dogs love getting affection from humans because even though dogs are domesticated enough to live inside our homes by themselves, they still retain many of their wild instincts. 

They love hunting for food, and they need to be cared for in the same way their ancestors were. That is why when your dog puts his head on you, it means he needs some affection from you! 

This could mean that he wants a belly rub or that he’s saying thank you.

8. Dogs like to show off about how close they are with their humans

Dogs will put their heads down on their owners when they’re feeling especially happy and excited to see them. They also do this when they want attention, food, or just because they missed them so much! 

It’s all part of the show and tells an aspect of dogs. Even though we can’t speak fluent dog language, we can still interpret these subtle gestures and respond accordingly.

9. Dogs are very sensitive animals

Dogs have many similar emotions that humans do, including happiness, sadness, anger, and fear. They also experience guilt, anxiety, excitement, and loneliness just like everyone else does. 

So when your dog puts his head on you while you’re watching TV or reading a book, it means he wants some attention and love from you! It’s not rude if your dog is just trying to get in on what you’re doing! 

Just be sure to give him some affection before moving on to other activities because dogs can become easily stressed out or anxious if they don’t feel the love!

10. Because dogs view their humans as their leaders

When your dog rests his head on you for comfort or security, it means that he has accepted you as his leader. There’s a reason humans are called ‘alpha’ in the dog world! Not every dog will naturally feel this way, but once they do, you’ll know because they will always want to be next to you and look up at their pack leader! 

Remember that even though dogs may see us as leaders, we shouldn’t abuse the trust by acting dominantly towards them.

As a side note, some dogs get anxious when their owners leave them alone for extended periods. In these cases, placing your dog’s head on something while you’re away can help make him more comfortable. For example, if your pup lays his head on an old pillow or blanket while you’re gone, he may start to think of it as a surrogate pack member and find security in its scent!

It is always good to keep an open mind about dog behaviors. They are constantly communicating through body language, so learning what is going on with your pup will help you better understand them and maybe even save a friendship or two from the brink! 

Why do dogs lay down with their heads in humans’ laps?

Some dogs may lay their heads on humans’ laps out of instinct from working closely with them in the past, while others do it because they enjoy spending time around humans and like cuddling close by for comfort or safety. 

This pattern of behavior could have its root in the history of domesticated dogs. Many breeds were selectively bred to complete tasks that required great care and precision, such as retrieving game while hunting or herding livestock. 

These selective pressures may have encouraged the development of strong familial bonds between man and dog because the dog would have to trust the person it worked with to complete its tasks successfully. This affinity for human contact may be what led dogs to begin laying their heads on humans’ laps.

The other side of this coin is that some breeds are known for being “lap dogs“ because they love spending time with people, simply lying around and being petted. These breeds could also learn from watching other dogs interact with people and adapt the behavior to their interactions. 

For example, although many Pitbulls are considered aggressive animals, plenty of videos online of Pitbulls piling up on their owners’ chests while they lounge around at home or read a book. Not all dogs will feel naturally inclined towards laying their head in a human lap, but dogs who love spending time with people and like to cuddle may find that this is how they choose to show affection.

A dog’s behavior can also be influenced by its environment. Some dogs, for example, use the kitchen or living room as their “den” or sleeping area.

If humans are present in that place for most of the day, then it makes sense that these dogs will want to spend their time close to the humans they care about. They might also feel more comfortable curling up at their owners’ feet while everyone watches TV or chills out on the couch together.

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Tips to stop Your dog from laying his head You

Dogs are friendly animals, always wanting to please their owners. However, when their owners are trying to relax, sometimes a cute little head can get in the way of that. 

Here are 5 tips on how you can stop your dog from laying his head on you.

1) Keep Your Dog Busy

Keeping your dog busy is one of the easiest things you can do to stop him from laying his head on you. By keeping him busy even for a short period, he won’t have much time to bother you during your own free time. 

Playing fetch or going for a walk around the block will tire out most dogs and make it harder for them to want to lay down in front of you while you’re trying just to chill out and watch TV. 

If all else fails, you can bring out the big guns and give them some dog food stuffed inside a toy. Dogs tend to be very competitive while eating their food, especially if they’re trying to get all of it out of the toy before you take it away.

2) Create A High Place For Them To Lay Down

When your dog is lying down on the floor next to you, there’s not much that you can do about it. However, if he has his little bed or mat somewhere in the house, then he’ll most likely head there when looking for a place to relax. 

This also gives your pet more incentive to lay down away from you instead of on top of you. If your dog doesn’t already have his bed, then consider investing in one. They’re not very expensive and can be a big money saver if you suffer from frequent headaches or back pains.

3) Attach a Toy to Their Collar

Owners who have a hard time keeping their dogs from laying down on top of them usually have pretty persistent dogs about getting what they want. If this sounds like the dog you own, then attaching his favorite toy to his collar is another great option. 

Dogs love running around with their toys attached to their collars because it gives them something fun to play around with and makes your dog feel like he’s the king of the house. The more jumpy and energetic your canine companion is after playing with his favorite toy, the less likely he’ll want to lay his head on you.

4) Consider Crate Training Your Dog

Crate training is another great option for owners that have dogs that like to lay their heads on them. Dogs are den animals, meaning that they instinctively feel safe in a small space. 

By putting your dog into its crate now and then, they will start to associate it with seclusion and relaxation. 

If your pup doesn’t already have a crate, consider buying one because it can be a great way to keep them from laying their head on you or even give them a place where they can go play around by themselves if you need some extra privacy in your home.

5) Teach Them “Off.”

Teaching your dog the command “Off” is another great way of stopping your dog from laying down on you. By teaching them this simple word, you can tell your canine friend to get off of whatever they’re laying in or beside when it’s time for them to take a break.

This comes in very handy when trying to keep your pet off the couch while you’re relaxing there or even when making sure they don’t lay in your bed when you want some privacy at night.

So these are five tips that you can use if you’ve got a dog that likes to put its head on you while watching TV. Keep these in mind whenever you’re hanging out with your furry little family member and he decides that he want to lay down on top of you. A little effort can make all the difference in this situation, and it’ll probably keep your dog from laying his head on you for good!

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