Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs (Reasons 7 & Tips)

Probably sometimes in life, you might have wondered, “Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs”? This article aims to explain why your dog licks your legs and the tips to stop that behavior. 

I love dogs. I also love the dog’s tongue. That must mean that dog loves me, right? Well, not always. 

Many dog owners have noticed that their dog licks them on the legs at times. 

This can be seen as an act of affection if the dog only licks you once or twice, but what happens when your dog keeps licking your leg?

Licking is an instinctive dog behavior; Dogs lick everything. It’s how they interact with their environment, especially when young. 

If a dog licks your leg, it may be because the dog has forgotten that licking is only used to address fellow canines. It can also be a sign of dominance or affection. 

Dog licking itself is not a dog behavior problem. It is normal dog behavior that sometimes gets carried too far.

However, dog licking humans can be a behavior problem depending on the circumstances or frequency. 

For example, a dog licking your leg every day could be an attempt to assert dominance over you. This sort of dog behavior should not go unpunished. 

If the dog thinks that It can get away with licking your leg without punishment, the dog will try its luck by licking you somewhere other than the legs instead.

Other dog owners find that dog licking their legs comes from an affectionate place. If a dog only licks your leg once or twice, it is not really a dog behavior problem. But when the dog starts using its tongue as a way to show its love, dog owners need to put an end to the licking.

6 Reasons why dogs Lick legs

Here are a few reasons we were able to gather why dogs lick the human legs. So, if you have been curious or wish to know “Why Does My Dog Lick My Legs,” below are some of the reasons.

1. Love & Attention 

It’s been observed that dogs tend to lick the legs of humans when they want to show love and attention. This behavior has been found in a dog study, where there was a dog called Sigmund who showed this behavior when he wanted food or something else from his human companion. 

There are also dog owners who claim that licking is a dog’s way of saying “thank you.

2. Hunger

Another reason dogs could lick your leg is that they might be hungry and want some food. 

In this group, the dog sometimes chooses the owner’s leg over other pieces of furniture such as chairs and tables since it contains more meat than fabric does just by looking at it.

If your dog licks your leg, it might signify that it’s hungry and needs some food. You should do the needful.

3. If they are thirsty.

Dogs might also lick your legs because they are thirsty. Some dog owners say that when their dog is feeling hot, he or she will go over to them and lick their leg like it’s ice cream. 

However, a dog licking human legs, for this reason, could be considered a bad thing since the dog might end up drinking too much water, which would cause them to get sick.

4. If they are Frustrated

Dog licking has even been observed in hungry and frustrated dogs about not getting what they want, like food and attention from humans. 

A dog owner said that his dog likes to chase him around the house and try to attack him while running away; however, if there were some snacks or something else on his path of chasing, the dog would just lick that instead.

5. Cooling Effect

Another reason your dog licks your legs is that the dog’s tongue has a great cooling effect — with the help of saliva — on their body, so when they are feeling hot, they try to cool themselves down by licking something; in most cases, people’s legs. 

This behavior has been observed in dogs trying to cool themselves after playing with someone or being mad at someone for not giving them enough attention.

6. Begging for Food

It’s not news that some dogs tend to eat too much.

Another dog-related theory says that a dog might lick your leg if he or she is begging for food. 

The dog might think that since you’re close to him or her, there should be some food left somewhere like the table, countertops, etc., but this isn’t always true, and dog owners end up having to feed the dog from its bowl. 

This behavior makes the dog lick your leg because there might be food on it even though you’re not trying to offer the dog any.

In addition, a dog licking human legs could also indicate that dog is sick and has been doing that for a long time now and doesn’t know how to stop the behavior. 

It’s known among dog owners that dogs don’t like it when they feel sick or want their owner’s help with something, so this situation needs to be resolved as soon as possible by talking with a vet about symptoms and getting recommended drugs.

There are many reasons why dogs lick legs, such as love, hunger, thirst, etc., but know the reason why your dog licks your leg. 

It’s time to stop a dog from doing this behavior since licking legs can lead to them getting sick or being considered rude.

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How To Stop A Dog From Licking My Legs?

There are some simple steps I can try to stop a dog from licking my leg:

1. Let the dog know that dog is not allowed to lick my leg.

2. Praise or give him a treat when it stops licking my leg after I have said “no” or “stop it.”

3. Try to distract the dog’s attention away from the licking behavior by offering the dog his favorite toy, for example.

4. If the problem persists, consult a professional dog trainer/behavior therapist who will help you with this issue to teach your dog that there are some situations when he won’t be allowed to lick human legs at all times.

 Some of these tips may work for you, and some might not work at all depending on your dog’s personality and breed type, but if you find out what works best for your dog, it will surely stop the dog’s leg licking behavior in no time.

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