Why Does My Dog Sleep On Top Of Me? (7 Reasons)

Ever ask yourself this question, why does my dog lay on top of me, or why does my dog sleep on top of me? Keep reading as this article got you covered.!

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but did you know that they also show their love in other ways? This includes sleeping on top of you or cuddling up to you. 

Also, dogs do lots of things to get attention from their owners or people around them, like Stealing, Barking, Nipping, Clinging, Licking, Pawing, and even climbing on top of you.

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. For as long as people have been keeping pets, we’ve had a strong tie with our canine friends. Although we don’t always realize it, we spend a great deal of time and attention making sure our dogs are happy and comfortable. 

It may not seem like much, but you would be surprised how far some people will go to ensure their canine has the most comfortable bed or the warmest blanket during those chilly nights.

However, what happens when your dog decides that he doesn’t want his own comfy bed? What if every night he jumps on you on the couch and makes himself right at home? 

Don’t worry; it isn’t just you! There is actually an explanation for this behavior, and it all lies in basic canines and their wild counterparts.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On Top Of Me?

So why do dogs lay on top of their owners? Keep reading to find out! There are many reasons, but these are the three core reasons why dogs sleep on top of their owners: they seek warmth, security, and love (Pack Mentality).

7 Reasons Why Your Dog lay On Top Of You.

Here are some reasons we were able to gather why your dog always wants to sleep on top of you. 

Your dog sleeping on top of you can be a very relaxing experience. It is a good idea to train your dog to sleep on its own bed, but if that hasn’t happened yet, you can still use some techniques to train your dog not to sleep on top of you while sleeping.

1) A Dog’s Instinctual Need for Warmth & Body Heat

Dogs are not only pack animals, but they’re also cold-blooded beings. When you consider that dogs were domesticated from wolves, it makes sense that your pup wants to sleep right next to you or crawl under the covers with you at night. 

Just like humans, dogs’ fur isn’t enough to keep them warm throughout the night! It can get especially chilly during those winter nights, so it is no surprise that your dog would want to cuddle up next to you or sleep on top of you for body warmth.

2) Dogs Love Their Humans

One reason that dogs sleep on top of their owners is that they love them. Of course, this doesn’t just mean the people who own the dog but actually any human being. 

Dogs are extremely loving and affectionate towards all humans, not just their owners. So if your dog finds you snuggly enough to use as his pillow every night, let him!

3) Dogs Like to Be in Charge

Dogs like to make sure they always know what’s going on around them. They feel safest when they know where their pack – or owner – is at all times. 

By sleeping on top of you or near you at night, your pup feels more comfortable knowing where he can find his pack members should he need them for anything (such as comfort, safety, or food).

4) Comfort, Plain and Simple

While dogs like more than anything to feel safe and comfortable, they also enjoy the simple things in life. Dogs sleep on top of their owners because it feels nice! For some more active breeds of dogs, this is a great way for them to wind down after a long day of roaming and playing. 

On the other hand, smaller and lazier breeds may just find it relaxing to fall asleep on top of you or near you throughout the night. 

If your dog falls into either one of these categories, you likely share his need for comfort as well as he does. 

However, if your dog happens to be an especially energetic breed such as a Basenji, Doberman Pinscher, or Siberian Husky, then staying comfortable means sleeping alone.

5) The Temperature of the Sleeping Surface May Not Be to Your Dog’s Liking.

Even though you like your mattress just fine, your dog may not agree. Some dogs sleep best on very firm surfaces, while others prefer something softer. 

It is important to note that some breeds simply do better when using softer material such as fur or feathers. Also, if your dog doesn’t like the air temperature near you, it could be because the room temperature has changed overnight, and he needs an additional layer between himself and the floor.

6) Your Smell Stimulates His Senses

As far as senses go, dogs have a lot more than humans do! Beyond their strong sense of smell, dogs can also hear and see much more than humans do. 

It is believed that dogs can see and hear things up to a mile away! So it’s no wonder they love sleeping on top of their owners – you’re the closest thing to them, and they can feel safe knowing where you are at all times because you smell so good (even if you don’t think your dog loves his or her scent)!

7) Dogs get depressed too

A dog can get depressed just like anyone else, especially when he is left alone at home for hours on end. During these times, sleeping with you makes them feel like they are not alone in the world and that somebody cares about them. 

They will be a lot more likely to love you even more after seeing how much comfort they derive from your body!

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4 tips to stop your dog from sleeping on top of you

Do you have a dog that sleeps on top of you? Have you tried to push him off, but he just gets right back up there again? Let’s take a look at four tips to stop your dog from sleeping on top of you.

You can stop your dog from sleeping on top of you, either by preventing them or training them. If your dog is very young, then they are likely using you as a teddy bear. This is more common in puppies since they are still developing their independence. 

If your puppy is doing this, stop it now before it becomes habitual!

If your dog falls asleep on top of you inappropriately, then give him a gentle shove with one hand. If that doesn’t work, try putting a rolled-up blanket under the covers to push the dog off so you can pull the blankets back up. 

Also, make sure that it’s not just because your dog is hot and has nowhere else to lay down – dogs should sleep at the foot of the bed.

When your dog lays on top of you, it can signify that they need more exercise or playtime. If possible, take your dog for a walk before going to bed. This will wear them out and ensure that sleeping is the only problem they have in mind when laying down.

This article has listed some tips and steps on keeping dogs from sleeping on top of their owners.

1. Provide comfortable bedding.

The first step is to provide comfortable bedding for your dog that they can have in their own place away from yours. When your dog sleeps on top of you, it could be because they are hot and uncomfortable.

Dogs are used to having a space that belongs only to them, so giving this comfort will help train them not to sleep on top of you.

This is very important as humans are often hot-blooded and illogically think the pet should be too.

2. Put them off with a stern “No.”

If your pet does stay on top of you or makes repeated attempts, there are ways to discourage it. One way is to put them off with a stern “no.” 

If none of these things work, you may need to startle your dog by lifting its chin suddenly off the bed.

Again this is an important step as dogs love being with their owners wherever they are, but they need to have boundaries.

3. Teach Your Dog Some Commands.

The third step is to teach your dog a command such as “off” so that when it gets on top of you or tries repeatedly, you can simply say the word, and it will comply.

This helps the dog learn what is not good behavior in order to respect its owner’s wishes.

4. Seek For Help

Some dogs will never stop sleeping on top of their owners, no matter how often they are told off or reprimanded. In these cases, there may be a physical reason that the pet wants its body touching yours, like pain management. 

If this is the case, speak to your veterinarian and try and find a suitable solution.

This is important as this covers cases where the dog has some physical reason that does not allow it to sleep at a distance or is in pain and needs close contact with its human.

5. Reward them when they do something good

Use treats or petting as a positive reinforcement when the dog sleeps in its place beside you. This will encourage them to remain there instead of with you. 

You can also reinforce letting them stay in one spot by giving praise and treats whenever they sleep in their own space. These rewards help train the dog to understand that this behavior is both necessary and beneficial for everyone involved.

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